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A few good habits to help you age well | Letters



Joan Lewis eats healthily and drinks wine in moderation, while Val Spouge does Guardian crosswords to keep herself out of a geriatric home
Thank you to June Brown, alias Dot Cotton, and to Virginia Ironside (How I learned that 75 is the best age to start doing drugs, 18 April) for their reflections on living well in old age, a sentiment I heartily endorse.

But as I embark on my eighth decade, I shall abjure my one-time overconsumption and continue to eat homemade muesli and a largely Mediterranean diet of fish, fruit and vegetables. I do not delude myself that this may have a bearing on longevity. It is just that it enables me to leap (metaphorically) from the table to make the most of the beautiful landscape that surrounds me and to read the Guardian with a clear head.

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