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TNcoin (Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund)​
Up until now much of the crypto market has been fueled by speculative utility options. TNCoin provides for holders of large amounts of cryptocurrencies the opportunity to diversify their holdings by buying into the real estate market, without having to convert to fiat assets. TnCoin offers a fresh new alternative, less speculative approach to crypto investing by implementing a modern investment portfolio strategy. This strategy of leveraging the stability of revenue from the Real Estate market while realizing the capital appreciation of the assets allows investors to realize the full potential of their investments. As the Real Estate generates stable rental profits, Blockchain technology will allow for real-time reconciliation of the ledger and distribution of earnings to token holders via dividends, paid directly to the tokens. TNcoin will also utilize the Stellar consensus protocol with its built-in exchange and compliance protocol, allowing investors the option to liquidate their assets. TNcoin differentiates itself from other cryptocurrencies by being one of the first securitized tokens backed by Real Estate. Don't miss the amazing opportunity to invest in TNcoin today!
TNCoin is a Real Estate Investing platform that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This allows for the tokenization of the real estate asset and for ownership interest to be distributed in the form of digital shares. Investors now have the opportunity to store and hold their investment in Ethereum based wallets like Trezor and Ledger.
For investors with large cryptocurrency holdings, TNcoin will help stabilize their portfolio by providing a steady rate of return through rents while enjoying the capital appreciation of the Real Estate assets. TNCoin also offers safe havens for 1031 exchanges.

Token Sale: 6 Aug | Goal: 50,000,000 | Website | Whitepaper |

Start:aug 6,2018, 12:00 AM (CST)
Hard cap:$50,000,000
Soft cap:$5,000,000
Exchange rate:1 dollar = 1 TNCoin
Project protocol:Stellar XLM